My story

I had a really unusual maiden name, Simcoates, which always fascinated me. Where did it originate? What did it mean? How many other people were called Simcoates? When I was about 16-years-old I began looking into my name more. When I passed my driving test a little later, I began travelling all over the country to go to archives and libraries to find more information regarding my family.

I live in Yorkshire, and it seemed my relatives came from Lincolnshire, which isn’t too far away, so whenever I could get a day off work I would shoot down to Lincoln Archives to continue working on finding where my roots lay.

In the mid1990s I bought a computer and got the internet. At last, I could organise all my information and also look up information. It was a big help because around this time I began doing other peoples family trees’ too. I still used the library, but more and more I could use my local library and archives and we now had email to contact other counties to have the information sent through.

Since then things have just got better and better. The amount of information on the web is astronomical, although not all of it is correct. Now genealogy is more about knowing how to research on the computer, than driving around the country. I still love it though.

I want to help people with their research

When I started my research, genealogy was not the popular hobby it is now and it took a long time, and cost a lot of money, to find information. There was no ‘Who do you Think you are?’ and the rest, to help me learn. It cost me quite a lot of money to get to where I am today. I want to help people learn for free.

Many people wonder where they came from, who they look like, where their drawing, or gardening, or carpentry skills come from. They wonder if they had any famous, or infamous, people in their families. Are they related to royalty? (The answer is probably.) They wonder if their ancestors were the lord of the manor or paupers. It is all very interested.

About this site

The goal of this site is to help people trace their family tree. I will also be reviewing website, both paid and free, that are on the web. I will also be reviewing programs that help keep your information safe, and sorted.


From time to time, I promote, endorse, or suggest products or services of others. In most cases, I will be compensated – either as an affiliate with a commission based on sales, or with a free product to review or use. Our recommendations are always based on (i) my personal belief in the high quality and value of the product or service, and (ii) my review of the product or service, or a prior relationship or positive experience with the sponsoring person or organization. If you click through my links there will be no price increase for you.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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I am a genealogist with over 30 years experience. When I started my family tree I had to drive all over the country and site for hours in libraries and archives. Today it is much simpler as usually you can find the information on the web.


Delroy Maynard · August 6, 2018 at 8:24 am

Hello Sharon

Thank you for sharing this interesting article.
It is good to know something about you and your passion. I am impressed with your dedication in finding out details about your family tree.
Best wishes.

Delroy M

    Sharon · August 20, 2018 at 11:51 am

    Hi Delroy,

    Thanks for your kind remarks. It is easy to be dedicated to something you really enjoy!

    Regards, Sharon

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