Let’s have a look at ………….. Family Historian 6.

You should have enough information by now to start entering it into a family tree program; but which one do you choose? Here I am going to start family tree software previews, both paid and free ones, to see which is best for you. Today I am going to review Family Historian 6 review.

Family Historian 6.

Family Historian 6 has lots of features suited for both beginner family historians and experienced genealogists. It has useful research tools, and the GEDCOM accurateness makes it an excellent piece of software for both finding and recording family history. However, it is its simplicity when using the tools that I like so much. It is so simple to use that within no time at all you find it comes naturally to you. It’s scrapbooking, and charting tools are beneficial although the quality of the charts is not the best around.

Ease of use.

To test this software, I imported some GEDCOM files. One huge one (my family tree), and then a small and a medium one belonging to past clients. I made sure I had complicated information, such as same-sex marriages and step and adopted families. Family Historian managed perfectly with the GEDCOM file, which surprised me as very few genealogy programs manage GEDCOM files so well.

The navigation is also excellent from the home page. There are very few tabs you cannot find on first use, although some people who haven’t used a family tree program might feel a little intimidated by som much on the home page. It won’t last long though. You are never far from the home page, and so it is quite easy to learn how to use. You will have your data entered and will be producing a beautiful family tree very quickly.

Data entry is very quick and easy, and you can complete a listing for a person in under 2 minutes,  due to the fact there is no opening window after window for the person. It is very well designed in that aspect and as a professional genealogist that is quite an important issue for me. I believe it will be good for you too.

Family Historian is the only genealogy program I have seen with an undo and redo button. The undo button is typical in most programs, but what is unusual is the redo button, stopping you making even more problems in your tree.

Data tools.

The scrapbook tools are easy to find and simple to use. You can add media along with all types of facts. You can edit photos in Family Historian, saving you swapping about to different programs and back again. The mapping tool confused me slightly, but I soon found it and continued onwards.

Family Historian saves you tree every time it is closed and warns you about incorrect data. Source citation lets you add notes if you wish


Most family tree programs incorporate charting software, and Family Historian is no exception. Charts are essential for showing data off in a way most people can understand. They have plenty of chart options but the print quality is not the best on the market, but it is not the worst either. When I began, I had to draw family trees by hand. They are so much easier to do them these days, and they look much better. Also, you don’t have to redo them if you make a mistake! You can print trees with your families photos on, which always makes a beautiful looking tree that families love. You can, if you prefer to add any other media, such as scanned documents or letters, or even videos if you are not printing it.


Again, reports are featured in most family tree programs, and Family Historian has some nice ones. I like the census one as I want to check if there is anyone without all the census information recorded.

Sharing your tree.

With Family Historian you can produce books and booklets, DVD’s and CD,s and websites so everyone in your family can have access.

Searching the internet.

You have so many places to explore, and Family Historian will take you directly to sites such as Cyndi’s List and Findmypast, as well as many others. If you cannot find what you are looking for within all the links provided, you can always go straight to the internet, again, within Family Historian. You will be able to search for bdm’s military records, immigration/emigration, historical newspapers and lots more. You can also search the My Heritage site, and loads of information can be found on there with a couple of clicks of the mouse. If you upload your tree to My heritage, you will receive hints that may help find connections with others with the same people in their tree. I found a branch of the family we didn’t know about doing this, so I think it’s an excellent idea. If you put your tree online, remember to put all living peoples details as private, as many, like me, do not want private information put on the web for everyone to see.

You can also search the Findmypast site if you have an account there.


Maps are something I love when they are tracking my family. The Family Historian maps do more than follow them though. The best thing is the feature telling you all the events that took place in the area, so you can appreciate what your ancestors lived through. With the time slider, you can also see changes over time. When you track your ancestors, you can start to understand their lives and struggles more.

PROS:   Easy to work with.

You can sync your trees to the web.

Great for publishing your family tree to many people in many ways.

CONS:  The chart quality isn’t the greatest around. I haven’t tried the Charting Companion though, but even without it, I would still rate it as good, but not excellent like much of the program.

It has no DNA links.

MY VERDICT: Family Historian 6 is the best genealogy software out there. It is so easy and quick to use and sharing your tree is so simple.

A little more information.

When you purchase Family Historian 6, you can get Ancestral Sources for a small donation to the author, or free if you prefer not to donate. This program is designed to make things much quicker and easier when entering data into your Family Historian from some of the most popular genealogical sources. You can also purchase a charting companion to add even more charts also with extras such as 3d printing and embroidery charts.

Final thoughts.

This genealogy software program is the easiest to use, and for beginners, it will be a massive help. You can add lots of different records for each family member, and you can create books, charts, CDs and more for you to share your research with others.

You can find records from MyHeritage or FindMyPast through his program making your tree blossom.

I love this program and hope you do.

Click here for a 30-day free trial.












I am a genealogist with over 30 years experience. When I started my family tree I had to drive all over the country and site for hours in libraries and archives. Today it is much simpler as usually you can find the information on the web.

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